Established in 2020

Fragranzi is an artisan perfume studio committed to providing a range of unique perfume experiences through locally designed and manufactured fine fragrances and hands-on perfume making.

Together with partner Glenda Evans, Perfumer Conan Fee founded Fragranzi to offer unique fragrances and give people the chance to try their hand at making and learning about perfumes. Conan is a professor of chemical engineering with almost 30 years experience as a university teacher and researcher. He learned fragrance design from perfumers at Thai-based Perfumers World in Wellington, NZ and Winchester, UK and now teaches fragrance design to product formulation students.

We look forward to seeing you in our studio.

Conan & Glenda


We will deliver authentic, personal experiences in perfume design, making and education.


To ignite a passion in our customers for perfumes, fragrances and their design.