room Fragrances

Floral Bouquet

A lovely, complex blend of floral notes with jasmine and vanilla notes, this room fragrance will bring a whole garden of white flowers into your home.


Violet, an elusive green floral fragrance that quickly fades into the background to avoid overwhelming your senses, but that you will experience anew each time you re-enter the room. This one with a blend of woody, iris, spice and resinous notes, balanced with that fresh green note of freshly cut stems.


Who doesn’t love the rose? More than 10,000 species abound. In this beautiful room fragrance, the unmistakable rose heart is decorated with green, spicy and woody notes. Just right to give that subtle fragrance to your room.


The “queen of flowers” in perfumery, there is hardly a fragrance that does not include Jasmine notes. Wafting from gardens as you walk down the street, it is unmistakable, with a strong, heavy aromatic centre lightened by a complex range of sweet, almost narcotic notes.


Lilly-of-the-valley, sometimes known by the French “Muguet” is at the heart of many perfumes. An unmistakable fragrance that includes the major components of rose but also lilial, light floral and green notes. A very different fragrance from our seasonal Christmas Lily room fragrance, which you can use year-round.

citrus and sandalwood

A fresh, invigorating grapefruit citrus, with green galbanum notes for freshness and warmth added by the spicy cardamom note and a sweet woody base of sandalwood.

Christmas Tree

The most authentic, real, New Zealand Christmas Tree fragrance you will find. Bring the wonderful smell of Christmas into your home, with this fragrance and ceramic disk combination.

Christmas lilly

An amazing Christmas lilly, without the pollen and without the allergies. Bring this beautiful  seasonal flower into your home, with this fragrance and ceramic disk combination.

Christmas spice

Christmas spices, warm and delightful, with a hint of orange. Feel the joy and comfort of the season, with this fragrance and ceramic disk combination.