Make-Your-Own Anytime In-Studio

Visit the Studio and use any of our twenty four customised fragrance bases to create your own special perfume blend to suit your taste or for that personalised gift. No bookings normally required on weekdays, just drop in and ask one of our helpful staff. We do get busy sometimes in the weekends, so if time is of the essence, please do phone ahead to make a time on 020 4081 4558. For groups larger than 4 please always contact us on our form or phone 020 4081 4558 to book in a time, which can include evenings.

$65.00 includes one 15 mL bottle of your perfume (eau de toilette), named and labelled to take away. Can be done individually or with one or two friends for the same price. You can upgrade to a 50 mL bottle for a total of $90, additional bottles $55. Gift vouchers available – drop into the Studio to purchase, buy online or enquire using the form on our Contact Page.

If you cannot complete your own perfume design, you may substitute with any 15 mL bottle selected from Fragranzi’s fine fragrance range. (Customers holding a voucher for a 50 mL make-your-own experience who choose this option will also receive a $25 voucher or credit towards any other product in our Studio.)

Group bookings can be booked outside normal opening hours – just get in touch.

Children (12 years and under) $55 (15 mL bottles), with optional upgrades to 50 mL bottles for an additional $25.

Additional bottles of the same perfume can be purchased for $30.00 (15 mL) or $55 (50 mL).  

Spend just 20 – 30 min or linger longer to completely indulge your senses and at the end of the experience, you’ll fill a 15 mL perfume bottle to take away with your own named eau de toilette fragrance

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. We have a set of starter blends you can use as a basis and modify to your heart’s content (although the starters are pretty good in the first place!). We’ll provide you with these starter formulations to create and modify:

  • Classic Chic – with fresh citrus and apple top notes, a floral/herb heart and a cedarwood base with hints of leather – perfect for a confident entry on any occasion…
  • Evening Affair – light top notes with a heart of jasmine sweetened with vanilla and balsamic notes and a base of sandalwood and musk – opulent and seductive, the perfect fragrance for an enchanting evening…
  • Pacific Dream – coconut and floral middle notes with a hint of spice, with underlying musk – a feeling of lazing on a warm island paradise…
  • Fresh Cologne – the full citrus experience with undertones of spice, cool menthol and herbs with just a touch of musk at the bottom – a refreshing, exhilarating lift, day or night…
  • Fairground Treat – a floral bouquet livened up with strawberry candyfloss – fun at the fair, who cares what others think when you are young and full of life?
  • Classic Spice – a heart of spice and jasmine, lightened with citrus notes and with a base of musk and patchouli – go old-school and immerse yourself in the intoxicating warmth of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom…
  • Channel the Twenties – top clean aldehydics blend beautifully with jasmine, vanilla and sweet balsam – Coco Chanel once famously said you should wear a perfume “wherever you want to be kissed”. Try it, you might like it!
  • Pipe Dreams – a deeply comforting heart of leather, patchouli and tobacco, blended with jasmine, herbs and citrus – adjust your gown, lean back in your winged leather armchair, and settle in for a relaxing day cocooning in the library…
  • Tahitian Orchid – a luscious taste of the pacific, with intoxicating orchid and citrus notes to transport you to a tropical
    island, with musk to give you that attractive touch of je ne sais quoi.
  • Forest Fern
    – herbacious, fresh and sweet, with a heart of jasmine and fixed with woody and earthy notes. This one will wake you up and surround you with the invigorating air of the forest.