fragrance jewellery


For some people, wearing a fragrance on the skin just isn’t an option.

Here’s the answer! These stainless steel lockets contain an absorbent pad, onto which you can drop or spray your favourite perfume. Beautiful designs have perforated front faces to bring the perfume to the fore.

What is more, changing your perfume is as easy as swapping your locket, so you can wear one perfume for work  and another for the evening.

Each locket comes with a set of pads with different colours so you can swap them in and out of your locket, and always keep track when you are refreshing them.

You can buy the lockets alone or with one of our Fragranzi perfumes, which come in a special 20 mL dropper bottle. Dropper bottles can also be purchased separately.


Just like our lockets, you can now wear your favourite perfumes on your wrist yet not on your skin. The perfect gift for those who love perfume but either have sensitive skin or want to be able to swap fragrances easily, at any time.