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Artisan fine fragrances, make your own perfumes, and perfume design parties.

Buy or make perfumes in Christchurch.

Group make-your-own or perfume design party bookings are available. Individuals and small groups don’t usually need to book during weekdays but best to book during weekends. To arrange or inquire, please just get in touch by phone 020 4081 4558, email or see our Contact details in the top menu.

What our customers say about us:

“Hands down one of the most unique activities that I had the honour of experiencing…”

“MUST GO!!! This place needs to stand out more!! Very underrated on Google!…”

“Fabulous fun! Made our own perfume, great activity for a group… Awesome young lady in the shop. Wonderful experience.”

“I went to make my own perfume and it was really cool! I have never done it before but staff were really friendly and helpful while doing it. Definitely recommend it.”

“This is a fantastic experience to do in Christchurch… the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and hospitable. We love our fragrances and would highly recommend this to anyone.”


experience the fragrance...

Buy or make your own perfume in Christchurch.

Perfumes transport us. Through experiencing them, we catch unexpected glimpses of nature’s beauty, of sumptuous foods and of sensual, animal desire. We revel in their complexity as our minds seek out the nuances hidden within. Perfumes give us confidence, reflect our moods and project our identities. They can spark vivid images of times, places and people from our past when least expected. They bring joy and anticipation as we close our eyes and breath in a perfume, wondering if the experience will delight our senses in new ways.

Unique. Express yourself with one of our locally created fine perfumes and fragrance products.

Creative. Blend our special fragrance bases in the store to make your own unique perfume. Or book a session with your friends, working with our Perfumer to create a bespoke perfume to reflect that special person or special occasion such as a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday.

Knowledge. Attend one of our one-day Introductory or one-week Foundation perfume design courses.

the fragranzi studio

Buy or make your own perfume in Christchurch.

Experience our unique range of artisan fine fragrances

Blend your own perfume in-store using our customised fragrance bases

Book a 2-hour guided fragrance design party for that special occasion

Book a one-day, one-week or two- week perfumery course

Rent our perfume library of over 850 raw materials

Request a perfume analysis from our state-of-the-art facilities